Sillabe, sorsi e sapori
(syllables, sips and flavours)

On three evenings in November! Book presentation by the author.

Sublimi palati
(sublime palates)

An event helping little ones discover and identify the different fish in the lake. They will receive a certificate for tasting and enjoying the true, authentic cuisine of Lake Garda's fishermen.

Pescatore dell'anno
(fisherman of the year)

An award given to famous people who bring prestige to the lake.

2010 Giorgio Gioco
2011 Flavio Tosi
2012 Vittorio Messori
2013 Gianni Torboli
2014 Francesco Moser
2015 ...non assegnato
2016 Giordano Bruno Guerri
2017 ...non assegnato
2018 Cecilia Gasdia