Welcome to LAKE GARDA

The "Al Pescatore" osteria is located in Castelletto di Brenzone on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. 

It looks out onto the marina, where old, colourful fishing boats are moored. The boats once sailed on the lake dropping several long rows of nets for fishing carp, whitefish, trout and sardines, at day and night, in summer and winter. 

Today the number of fishermen have decreased, but the lake is still bountiful. It offers all kinds of fish throughout the year, pleasing even the most sophisticated palates.


Our kitchen offers the opportunity to savour tastes and scents that seem to have been forgotten today. Our dishes are prepared with the same care and ingredients that were once used, according to ancient tradition, by the old Lake Garda fishermen.

Our dishes are created from the discovery of the lake's oldest recipes, from our ancestors' culture of poverty, and from a love for the tradition and history of the area. Besides the fish, the only ingredients are our extra virgin olive oil and the herbs provided by nature, in the house's garden. Nothing else! A combination of natural, genuine flavours.