Our history

The "Al Pescatore" osteria was founded in March 2004 but it was always in our minds. It is the culmination of our passion for the lake and its culture, its fish, its breezes, its waters that are sometimes calm and sometimes stormy, and the mountains that surround and defend it.

We were born and grew up here, experiencing a beautiful and bountiful miracle day after day,
rich in colours, flavours, scents and tastes. 
Back in the day there used to be an old basement here that opened onto the port. It was a shelter for sailing boats and fishermen's tools. Then it became the workshop of a man named Sebastian, who melted bronze to make bells.
Next it fell to Grandma Maria who spun wool, and finally it was the home of, Beppino who would prepare hooks and wires to catch perch, pike, sardines, and then preserve them in salt and oil.

Today we are here to maintain these fantastic traditions; Livio, Rosaria and our daughter Sara.

About Our family